Greening the WSSD is the first attempt to reduce the environmental impacts of a major UN Summit on the host city .  In this case, the people of Johannesburg. By working with them, we aim to protect, conserve and improve the city's environment and natural resources........ leaving a legacy for the future.
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Gauteng Provincial Government Initiatives

Going green in South Africa's industrial heartland

Gauteng is South Africa's most densely populated province. It is South Africa's industrial heartland - with a history of environmental damage -

The Gauteng Government, through the Department of Agriculture, Environment, Conservation and Land Affairs (DACEL), is fast-tracking the province on a path towards sustainable development.

The Cleaner Technology and Remediation Fund

Helps industries and local government find technologies that can help clean up environmental damage and produce goods in a more sustainable way.

Clean fuel technology

The Gauteng Government has established a project to investigate clean fuel technology for its transport fleet. Approximately 150 cars will be converted to clean fuel technology by December 2002.

Gauteng air quality management strategy

Six air quality monitoring stations will be set up across the province to address the need for a comprehensive air quality management strategy for Gauteng.

Gauteng Open Space System (GOSP)

Mining has had significant environmental, public health and land use impact on Gauteng. To promote remediation, a Gauteng Mine Pollution Forum was established. To aid decision-making, the forum uses the Gauteng Open Space System, a GIS (Geographical Information System) based spatial decision support tool. The GOSP's data highlights areas of environmental concern, allowing decision-makers to make predictive decisions before any negative impacts take place, thus affording greater protection to the environment.

Sharing and conserving our birthplace

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