Greening the WSSD is the first attempt to reduce the environmental impacts of a major UN Summit on the host city .  In this case, the people of Johannesburg. By working with them, we aim to protect, conserve and improve the city's environment and natural resources........ leaving a legacy for the future.
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Coming - and going - clean.

We're proud to say we're using the Summit to promote "cleaner" technology in South Africa's public transport systems.

200 new buses for the Johannesburg public transport fleet are fitted
with emission control technology.
Joburg's bus drivers have been trained to drive in ways that improve
fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

You can visit an exhibition of Emission Reduction Transport and Fuel Technology for developing countries-Fuelling the Future'. Electric, liquid petroleum gas and compressed natural gas vehicles are on display.

The exhibition is supported by the Gauteng Economic Development Agency (GEDA), South African energy companies, and academic and scientific institutions.

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