Greening the WSSD is the first attempt to reduce the environmental impacts of a major UN Summit on the host city .  In this case, the people of Johannesburg. By working with them, we aim to protect, conserve and improve the city's environment and natural resources........ leaving a legacy for the future.
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Waste Management

"No more waste." Joburg's waste management company, Pikitup.

Pikitup is busy, right now, recycling the waste generated by the Summit. Even with thousands of participants and visitors in Joburg, it won't all end up on the city's landfills.

As participants, we ask you to help. Recycle your waste. Separate the materials you want to dispose of before you throw them away. Our recycling bins are marked for plastics, cans, paper and glass.

Please use glasses made from recycled beer, wine and soft drink bottles, with our logo. Their manufacture has helped enrich communities and transfer skills.

Dry waste is separated at source and collected from the major Summit venues by recyling companies. Only non-recyclable material - a small portion of the waste created by the Summit - will be sent to a landfill.

100 previously unemployed people are helping us. After the Summit, they'll be employed at the city's buy-back centres, having been trained to separate grades of waste.

After the Summit, our bins will be used in the Joburg central business district. They'll be part of the Inner City Clean-up campaign.

We hope that by creating awareness of recycling, household recycling programmes can be set up in the long term

"South Africa's open spaces are often used as dumping grounds for unwanted waste. Several educational and awareness raising campaigns are under way to reverse this trend"

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